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Spotswood Public Schools

Special Services

What is Special Services?

The Board of Education provides all educationally handicapped students with special education and related services appropriate to their needs. The spectrum of services includes out-of-district programs, self-contained classes, resource center classes (both in-class and pull-out), supplemental instruction, and full mainstreaming. Support services include speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, and supported employment. These support services are based upon individual student needs as identified by the Child Study Team.

The Special Services office serves as the consultant and advisor to school personnel in dealing with all matters pertaining to learning and the adjustment of children as individuals and as a group. The Director of Special Services/Special Projects provides leadership for a wide range of support personnel, including a school psychologist, a social worker, three learning consultants, instructional aides, speech therapists, homebound instructors, special education teachers, and related services personnel.

Substance Awareness Program and Counseling

The Spotswood School District Substance Awareness Program includes services for drug/alcohol education, recovery support, and referral to outside agencies for intervention when appropriate. Also included is a smoking reduction/cessation program. All these programs have curriculum and program resources. A complete listing of the program resources is available in central office for review. There is a weekly Alateen meeting in the high school and middle school for students who have family members with substance abuse problems. It is co-led by a member of Al-Anon along with Mrs. Glass.

Parents can make a referral for services by contacting Mrs. Glass directly. Students referred to the SAC by administration following a violation of school policy(refer to attached for policy, law and procedure) will be administered an assessment by the SAC And appropriate recommendation will be made. If the student is assessed to have a significant drug/alcohol problem, parents will be contacted and a referral to an outside treatment facility will be made. Students will be advised that their parents are being contacted and a treatment plan will be discussed. All other students will be counseled as to risk factors of substance use. Mrs. Glass, Substance Abuse Coordinator, can be reached at 732-723-2200 ext. 5096.


Project Child Find

Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and New Jersey Administrative Code Title 6A:14, Special Education, the Spotswood School District has a responsibility to locate, identify and evaluate all resident students with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services, including student with disabilities attending nonpublic school, for children ages 3-21 including highly mobile students with disabilities, such as migrant and homeless students, and students who may be disabled even though they are advancing through each grade level. Upon written request, the district will conduct an initial identification meeting for any resident child to determine whether a Child Study Team evaluation is warranted. Such a request must be made in writing to:

Spotswood School District
Department of Special Services
Director of Special Services
Heather DeLollis
105 Summerhill Road
Spotswood, NJ 08884

The school district provides special education and related services, free of charge, for children between the ages of 3-21 who qualify. Information for children with potential disabilities or those with disabilities from birth to three is available through Project Child Find at 1-800-322-8174 or the Early Intervention System (EIS) at 1-888-653-4463.

If you have any questions regarding this referral process please contact:
Ms. Laura Szabo
Secretary to the Child Study Team
732-723-2200 ext. 5072
[email protected]

Project Child Find is a free referral service and public awareness campaign to assist in the identification of unserved/underserved youth with a delay or disability from birth through 21 years of age. It also develops and distributes information to the public about early intervention services and special education programs throughout New Jersey. The toll-free number for Project Child Find is 800-322-8174.

Infants and Toddlers (Birth to Age 3): If you are concerned your infant or toddler is developing or learning differently, you can call an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. For Middlesex County residents, the number to call is 732-745-3100. When you call, a service coordinator will talk with you about your concerns and offer referral information if needed. If a developmental evaluation is indicated, the service coordinator will work with you to schedule a multidisciplinary evaluation of your child’s developmental levels and needs. This evaluation service is provided at no cost to parents. If appropriate, certain early intervention services may be recommended.

Preschool Children (Ages 3 to 5): If you are concerned that your preschool child is developing or learning differently, you can call the Spotswood School District, Special Services at 732-723-2200 ext. 5072. A meeting would be arranged with you to discuss your concerns and decide if an evaluation is warranted. If that is the case, and the findings support special education services, implementation of these recommendations and program planning would be completed with you. Your written consent would be required before any such services would begin. All these services are provided at no cost to parents.

School-Age Students (Ages 5-21): If you are concerned that your school-age child is developing or learning differently, you can talk with your child’s school guidance counselor, who may refer the matter to the Pupil Assistance Committee. You also have the right to request a child study team evaluation for consideration of special education and related services. Any such request would need to be in writing and directed to: Heather DeLollis, 105 Summerhill Road, Spotswood, New Jersey, 08884, or 732-723-2200 ext. 5075. An additional source of assistance would be the Middlesex County Supervisor of Child Study: Mr. Mark Lanzi, 13-15 Kennedy Boulevard, East Brunswick, New Jersey, 08816, or 732-249-2900.