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Spotswood Schools

Before / After Care

Children's After School Recreation and Enrichment at Spotswood

 Jessica Wisniewski, Director     email:

 Jill Hetzler, Assistant Director    email:
The CARES office phone number is 732-723-2200 extension 3505. 
We do suggest email as the first and best line of communication to reach someone in the CARES program.
Please see the bottom of the page for ALL information and packets.

Our Goal:

To provide a structured after-school environment where students have the opportunity to engage in educational and recreational activities.

We Provide:

Quality Structured Childcare Including:

  • Homework Assistance
  • Daily Sports Activities
  • Arts-n-Crafts
  • Computer Time
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Special Activities and Events


Fees and Hours:

A $50.00 registration fee is due upon registration for each child. We encourage that you register your child in the beginning of the month rather than in the middle or end of the month. (Tuition will not be prorated.) The CARES program coincides with the Spotswood Public Schools calendar. The hours are as follows:

  • Appleby and Schoenly AM - 7:00 a.m. to start of school.
  • Appleby and Schoenly PM - dismissal to 6:00 p.m.
  • Frequent late pick up (5 Incidents) will result in removal from the program. After 6:00 p.m. is considered late. Please arrange to pick up your child in a timely manner.

The CARES program will operate on scheduled half days with the exception of half days due to holidays. 

AM Tuition (For Preschool Rates Refer To The Registration Packet)

# of Days Tuition Rate 2nd Child
1-5 $80.00 $64.00


PM Tuition (For Preschool Rates Refer To The Registration Packet)

# of Days Tuition Rate 2nd Child
5 $215.00 $172.00
4 $180.00 $144.00
3 $150.00 $120.00
1-2 $115.00 $92.00


Children must be signed-up for at least one day per week. No Drop-in program is available. Tuition is due the 1st of each month. Monthly tuition remains the same for each month regardless of holidays. Regular tuition rates apply to June as well.There is a $25.00 fee on all returned checks. 

All payments may be made at each location or mailed to Spotswood CARES, 105 Summerhill Rd., Spotswood, NJ 08884.

Attendance Policy:

Any changes in attendance must be reported to the Director or Assistant Director. If your child will not be attending CARES on a regularly scheduled day, you must send an email to the Director and/or Assistant Director. Remember to send a note to your child's teacher that he/she is to go home.


Any child engaging in repetitive disruptive, disrespectful, and/or dangerous behavior shall be disciplined as follows:

  • First incident: Formal warning
    • Written and oral communication to parent by the head-teacher.
  • Second incident: Letter from Assistant Director
    • Next infraction will be a two day suspension of services.
  • Third incident: Letter from Director
    • Two day exclusion from childcare   
  • Fourth incident: Parent/Assistant Director/Director conference
    • Exclusion details will be reviewed. The next infraction will result in a phone call and letter from the director to the parents. Exclusion of services will commence on the sixth business day from the infraction.


Inclement Weather/CARES Closings:

In the event of a delayed opening, morning CARES is closed. In the event of an early dismissal, afternoon CARES is closed. In the event of an early dismissal for a Holiday, afternoon CARES is closed. Please make alternate arrangements for your children.