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Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the Spotswood School District curriculum home page. The goal of our curriculum is to ensure that our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics needed to succeed in their future pursuit of college and career placement.
To be competitive in the global economy, our students will need to master core subjects such as science, math, and language arts literacy to work and cope with the real life demands of the new economy. The knowledge and skills they develop in these core subjects will serve as a springboard to real-world applications. Our students will have to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and life-long learners able to adapt to change and respond to challenge. By thinking critically, analyzing information, comprehending new ideas, communicating, collaborating in teams, and solving problems in the context of modern day-to-day life, our students will be prepared to succeed after graduation from high school.
Our mission, in this time of great social and technological change, must be to ensure quality learning for all of our students. No task is more important than the development of a sound curriculum that challenges and supports all of our students. Thoughtful consideration must be given to the development of a curriculum and review process that will prepare each student to compete successfully in higher education and the workforce.
Our curriculum is designed with this goal in mind - to create a well-aligned educational system where standards, assessments, and classroom practices support and develop 21st Century skills in all of our students. To best ensure this result, we understand that the quality of education depends on the quality of our educators. Educators must have the instructional skills, subject matter knowledge, and leadership skills to help all students learn well. Teaching and administrative staff members need to know about the best research-based teaching techniques, curriculum standards, and the most effective assessment and evaluation techniques. This requires ongoing staff dialogue and professional development that is closely linked to supervision, teacher evaluation, and curriculum implementation. It is in this manner that we can best ensure that our students are developing the knowledge, skills and characteristics needed to succeed in their future pursuit of college and career placement.

District curriculum can be accessed using the link below. The link will open a Google Folder where curriculum is organized by content areas and grade bands. Additionally, you will find documents outlining implementation of two State mandates--Amistad Commission and Holocaust Commission, and a Differentiation Curriculum Addendum which has been adopted as a component of all district curriculum.
Updates and revisions are made to curriculum maps as needed to ensure we provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for future success.