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SEF Grant Awards for 2006-2019 Total Over $108,775.09

2006 Grants
  1. Composer in Residence (Michael Bartlett)=$1050
  2. Good Connections for Testing-Connecting Math and Language Arts (Deborah Cilmi)=$125
  3. Mr. Bell’s Magnificent Ringing Machine (Barbara Cottrell and Chris Slavicek)=Successfully obtained $600 funding through superintendents office
  4. Summer Transition for At Risk Students entering SHS Fall of 2006 (Cathy Glass)=$200. (Partial funding for supplies and equipment)
  5. Medieval Period-Monumental Brass Rubbings (Mary Jo Martinez)=$300
  6. Learning through Literature Circles (Susanne Schmidt and Jane Sost)=$300
  7. Springboard to Reading (Linda Walker)=$500.

Total (2006) = $2475.

2007 Grants

  1. Springboard into Reading II (Linda Walker)=$488.94
  2. Technology Club Robotics Competition (Gary Hull)=$1093.50
  3. Just the Facts: Nonfiction Reading and Writing (Maureen McDonald)=$500.
  4. Building Blocks of Yoga (Jill Marie Harkins)=$267.75
  5. Developing Early Literacy Skills for Special Education and Autistic Students (Donna Danzig and Jeannie Gersten)=$218.70
  6. United Streaming Video Clips (Stacey Gordon and Mary Jo Martinez)=$1699.

Total (2007) = $4267.89

2008 Grants

  1. Classics on Tour: Romeo and Juliet (Michelle Sayers)=$1250.
  2. 1,2,3,4,5,6 Pick up your Rhythm Sticks (Daniel Layton)=$500.
  3. Raising the Reading Bar for special needs students (Donna Danzig, Jeannie Gersten)=$149.60
  4. Engineers Teaching Algebra: “When are we ever going to use it?” (Michelle Robbins)=$790.
  5. Technology Club Robotics Competition (Martin Dempsey)=$900.
  6. Preschool Butterfly Garden-Transforming Together (Alicia Somers)=$500.
  7. Memorial Middle School Art Show (Elizabeth Bartel, Jennifer Kardos)=$100.
  8. Genetic Engineering in Jurassic Park (Rima Michaels)=$424.

Total (2008) = $4613.60

2009 Grants

  1. The Play's The Thing (Jeannie Gersten/Donna Danzig)=$269.17
  2. Outdoor Classroom Garden & Composting (Carol Bergman-DeFilippo/Julie Jay/Robert Aymes)=$500
  3. Brain Pop Animated Educational Site (Karen Joseph/Leigh Ann Quinn)=$195
  4. Stregna Nona Day (Kathleen Rhodes/Elizabeth Cantora/Rebecca White/Jennifer Potoka)=$600
  5. Stepping Up Lit Circles (Jane Sost/Deb Cilmi/Angela Scourzzo)=$338
  6. Family Book Bags (Alicia Somers)=$766.40
  7. Mr. Ray Connecting Songs To The Curriculum (Heather DeLollis)=$1,062

Total (2009) = $3730.57

2010 Grants

  1. Steps to Literacy Library (Jeannie Gersten & Donna Danzig)=$235.02
  2. Mr. Ray – Connecting Songs to the Curriculum (Heather DeLollis)=$550.00
  3. Odyssey of the Mind (Heather DeLollis)=$335.00
  4. The Trait Crate (Deb Cilmi, Angela Scuorzo & Stephanie Weisslitz)=$100.00
  5. Brain POP - Elementary School (Nancy Torchiano & Angela Scuorzo)=$995.00
  6. Brain POP - Middle School (Karen Joseph & Leigh Ann Quinn)=$351.00
  7. Mosaics the Eternal Art Form (Alyson Collins)=$278.00
  8. Itsy Bitsy Yoga (Jessica Wisniewski & Kathleen Rhodes=$700.00
  9. Dinosaur (Debbie Generelli, Janice Cooper, Daniel Layton, & Jessica Wisniewski)=$550.00
  10. Outdoor Classroom, Garden and Composting Project (Julie Jay, Jeff Michaels, Martin Dempsey, Robert Aymes & Carol Bergman-Defilippo)=$500.00
  11. Benchmark Education – Accelerated Reading (Jennifer Potoka, Betty Cantora, Linda Walker, Dawn Hyland & Carol Kuhn)=$800.00
  12. It’s Your Turn (Nancy Torchiano)=$382.75
  13. I Can Toobaloo, Can You? (Marcia Kiefer)=$150.00
  14. Timeliner XE (Aileen Benitez & Lisa Van Doren)=$465.50

Total (2010) = $6392.27

2011 Grants

  1. Mouse Mischief (Robert Aymes & Michelle Robbins)=$300.00
  2. BrainPOP (Janelle Leidy & Stephanie Barlow)=$351.00
  3. Odyssey of the Mind (Kristen Malek)=$335.00
  4. Practice Makes Perfect (Susan Sher)=$359.09
  5. Learning About Famous Americans (Maureen MacDonald & Susan Sher)=$200.00
  6. Second Grade SmartPALS (Maureen MacDonald)=$150.00
  7. It Adds Up: Math + Literature (Maureen MacDonald)=$110.00
  8. BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr. - Appleby School (Deb Cilmi, Lisa David, Jennifer Nemer, June Reilly, Sue Schmidt, Angela Scuorzo, Nancy Torchiano, Stephanie Weisslitz)=$995.00
  9. WriteBrain - An Interactive Writers' Workshop (Jennifer Nemer)=$1200.00
  10. Odyssey of the Mind - Appleby School (Heather DeLollis)=$335.00
  11. Zumbatomic (Lynanne Klinga & Alicia Somers)=$960.00
  12. BrainPOP Jr. - Schoenly School (Debra Generelli)=$500.00
  13. Mr. Ray - Connecting Songs to Curriculum (Heather DeLollis)=$550.00

Total (2011) = $6345.09

2012 Grants

  1. Dress Me Up! (Cara Nascimento)=$516.25
  2. Get The Picture! (Nancy Torchiano)=$162.33
  3. Let's Find Out - Spanish (Melissa Pereita)=$151.25
  4. Adventures in Computers (Jessica Wisniewski)=$474.45
  5. TechConnect Math (Maureen McDonald)=$130.00
  6. Flocabulary (Lisa David)=$1,200.00
  7. Pockets of Gold (Lisa David)=$329.85
  8. Spelling City Online (Jill Laskowdki)=$234.00
  9. Beyond Question (Paige Besthoff)=$399.00
  10. Roaming Readers (Stacey Vespoli)=$590.52
  11. Nooking Into The Future (Alicia Somers)=$419.85
  12. TechConnect Literacy (Maureen McDonald)=$280.00

Total (2012) = $4887.50

2013 Grants

  1. Connections, Video Conferencing in the Classroom (Jennifer Nemer) = $49.99
  2. TechConnect: Using Technology to Reinforce Language Arts and Literacy in the 2nd Grade (Maureen McDonald) = $110.00
  3. Take a Nook at this Good Book (Dawn Hyland) = $279.35
  4. Rain Barrel for Butterfly Garden (Jackie Martinez and Michelle Golden) = $306.05
  5. Raz Kids (Maureen McDonald, Helene Bremen, Kerri McDonnell, Jenna Cullen, Randi Snook & Kyle Harkins) = $539.70
  6. Aquaponics (Martin Dempsey, Jeff Michaels, Julie Jay & Gary Hull) = $720.00
  7. Projecting Preschool into the Future (Jessica Wisniewski and Katie Lavelle) = $868.96
  8. Kidspiration (Jennifer Nemer) = $992.00
  9. Middle School Robotics Club (Jeff Michaels) = $1,020.00
  10. Let’s Get to the Core (Nancy Torchiano & Angela Scuorzo) = $2,500.00

Total (2013) = $7386.05

2014 Grants

  1. History LIVE (Jaime Rothfus)
  2. IXL Online Program for Common Core (Janelle Leidy & Kerin Dinger)
  3. Roaming Readers (Stacey Vespoli, Debbie Generelli, Barbara Silvers, Jackie Cassidy & Janice Cooper)
  4. Self Critiquing Public Speaking (Kristen Carpenter & Jackie Martinez)
  5. PARCC Common Core Mathematics (Janelle Leidy & Kerin Dinger)
  6. Are We Robots (Paige Besthoff, Gary Hull & Jeff Michaels)
  7. Traveling Artifact Trunks (Jennifer Nemer)
  8. POWS – Problems of the Week (Nancy Torchiano)
  9. 3-D Printer (Joseph Schwartz)
  10. It Makes Sensory (Rosemarie Valinotti)
  11. Young Scientists (Jessica Wisniewski)
  12. New Jersey Hall of Fame Mobile Museum (Jennifer Nemer)
  13. Egg-cited about Reading (Lauren Arellano)
  14. Let’s Get to the Core (Nancy Torchiano and Angela Scuorzo)

Total (2014) = $10222.00

2015 Grants

  1. Going Interactive: A Hands on Approach to Technology (Katie Lavelle)
  2. Scripps National Spelling Bee (Jennifer Asprocolas and Nancy Torchiano)
  3. Moby Max (Susanne Schmidt)
  4. Comparison Microscope Use in Forensic Science (Christopher Talish)
  5. Mentoring Your Writers (Maureen McDonald)
  6. The Write Stuff: Writing A to Z in 2nd Grade (Maureen McDonald, Jenna Cantora, Kerri McDonnell, Kyle Harkins and Randi Snook)
  7. Visualize the Big and Small (Erin Glassen and Rima Michaels)
  8. Readers of the Traveling Books (Jackie Cassidy, Janice Cooper, Debbie Generelli, Barbara Silvers and Stacey Vespoli)
  9. Typing Agent (Paige Besthoff)
  10. Egg-cited about Reading (Lauren Siwiak and Kate Fitzgerald)
  11. Edmodo Snap Shot Plus (Dominic Sposato)
  12. Problem of the Week (Nancy Torchiano)
  13. STEM Museum (Jennifer Asprocolas and Nancy Torchiano)
  14. Robotics & STEM Education for ESP and Elementary School Computer Classes (Jennifer Asprocolas, Carol Cohen and Nancy Torchiano)

Total (2015) = $11194.42

2016 Grants

  1. Sculpture Garden (Alyson Collins)
  2. Speech Buddies (Marian Ayad)
  3. WebABLLS (Ginger Isaksen)
  4. Act it Out (Stacey Vespoli, Janice Cooper, Debbie Generelli & Barbara Silvers)
  5. Growing Scientists (Maureen McDonald, Kerri McDonnell, Jenna Cantora, Kyle Harkins & Randi Snook)
  6. The Write Stuff 2 (Maureen McDonald, Kerri McDonnell, Jenna Cantora, Kyle Harkins & Randi Snook)
  7. STEM Folk Tales (Maureen McDonald)
  8. World Adventure through Google (Erin Peabody)
  9. Standing Desks (Michelle Robbins)
  10. World Drum (Lauren Shaughnessy)
  11. The Perfect Pair (Jenna Cantora & Randi Snook)
  12. Full STEAM Ahead (Paige Besthoff & Lauren Siwiak)

Total (2016) = $7,110.93

2017 Grants 

  1. STEM Fairy Tales (Maureen McDonald)
  2. STEM Folk Tales 2 (Maureen McDonald)
  3. Mission to Mars (Julie Jay)
  4. New and Improved News (Kevin Boucher, Kristen Carpenter and Erin Glassen)
  5. Aspiring Young Actors (Cara Nascimento)
  6. IXL ELA (Marian Ayad & Marti Hanna)
  7. Play Code Monkey (Paige Besthoff)
  8. Ozobots - Coding with Robots (Paige Besthoff)
  9. Wireless Differentiated Lisening Centers (Stephanie Fallon & Gabby Borrelli)
  10. Flipped Classroom: Middle School Math (Mike Francis & Jamie Mahoney)
  11. Digital Broadcasting (Andrew Zaborney)

Total (2017) = $10,016.01 

2018 Grants 

  1. The Great Appleby Escape (Paige Besthoff)
  2. Scooting into Fitness (Jill Hetzler)
  3. Language Lab (Marian Ayad)
  4. Facts for Me (Maureen McDonald)
  5. Family STEM: Famous Inventors (Deborah Cilmi & Maureen McDonald)
  6. Let’s Noodle (Angela Scuorzo)
  7. Speedy Speech (Aleksandra Zolotnisky)
  8. (Megan Donegan & Jackie Martinez)
  9. Spanish Library Literacy Program (Megan Donegan)
  10. Grammar Flip (Gabby Borelli & Stephanie Fallon)
  11. Expanding Expression Tool (Marian Ayad)
  12. Learning without Tears (Erika Stinson)
  13. Take the Makey Makey Challenge (Paige Besthoff)
  14. Telling Tales through Plays (Maureen McDonald)
  15. Dive into Splash Math (Debbie Generelli, Taryn Bruno, Stacey Vespoli, Barbara Silvers)
  16. Gemiini System (Ginger Isaksen & Anne Fox)
  17. Creating Tomorrow’s Engineers with Cubelets (Paige Besthoff)
  18. Little Bits of Energy (Sue Schmidt, Deb Cilmi & Angela Scuorzo)
  19. Dressed to Impress (Kelly Meagher)

    The final grant awarded was the newly created Dee Pope Memorial Grant, in memory of Dolores Pope, who was the Foundation’s secretary. Dee passed away on June 12th from cancer.

    This year’s Dee Pope Memorial Grant was awarded to:

  20. Making Connections for Struggling Readers (Blair Falzon)

Total (2018) = $10,498.25

2019 Grants 

  1. A New Spin on Science (Maureen McDonald)
  2. Facts 4 Me: Elementary Research (Maureen McDonald)
  3. Mystery Science (Paige Besthoff)
  4. Makedo Cardboard Construction (Paige Besthoff)
  5. The Social Express (Marian Ayad)
  6. Stationary in Motion (Aleksandra Zolotnisky)
  7. Story Champs (Aleksandra Zolotnisky)
  8. Design & Build Engineering (Erika Stinson)
  9. Mosa Mack (Erin Glassen, Michelle Golden & Danielle Vorbe)
  10. Snap Circuits! (Erin Glassen & Michelle Golden)
  11. Six Flags Math & Science Day (Erin Glassen & Michelle Golden)
  12. Sensational Hallway (Katie Lavelle & Sonali Khatri)
  13. Sensory Physical Education (Jill Hetzler)
  14. Flocabulary (Lauren Siwiak & Megan Curto)
  15. Picture This (Lauren Siwiak & Megan Curto)
  16. Kaufman Speech Praxis Kit (Anne Fox)
  17. Dress to Impress – DECA Blazers (Kelly Meagher)
  18. Dot & Dash: Beginning Robotics for Young Learners (Maureen McDonald & Paige Besthoff)
  19. Memorial Middle School was awarded one of the largest grants the Spotswood Education Foundation has ever given out to create the Spotswood Education Foundation Outdoor Learning Courtyard. The area was renovated over the summer to create an area that teachers and students can conduct outdoor classes. The total amount of the grant was $11,825.00 and the grant was awarded to Katherine Shkolar and Kelly Bella. A ribbon cutting will be held later in the fall to celebrate the new space.
  20. Finally, the annual Dee Pope Memorial Grant was awarded to Erin Glassen and Michelle Golden for the Dee Pope Little Free Library in the amount of $468.15. The Little Free Libraries will be located in Helmetta and Spotswood and free books will be available to anyone who wants to come by.

Total (2019) = $19,634.68

Cumulative total for 2006-2019 contributed to the Spotswood Public Schools by the Spotswood Education Foundation= 167 grants totaling $108,775.09