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Spotswood Schools

District Communication Update

Dear Parents,
Our new communication system, Sangha, gives our district the ability to select from three levels of alerts when sending out communications to you. While the level of alert is not visible to you in the communication, this option allows the district to categorize the type of information being sent into three different levels of importance. They are:
  1. Digest Alerts
  2. Immediate Alerts
  3. Emergency Alerts
Digest Alerts are not time sensitive or critical alerts. The majority of alerts that are sent by the district, such as fundraising messages, community events, and meeting reminders, would be categorized as such. Unless you have the Sangha App, Digest Alerts are scheduled to go out nightly at 6pm to your identified communication preference in Genesis (email first, then text message if an email is not listed). If you have the Sangha App, all communication will be delivered in real time when posted by a school or the district and only delivered through the app.

Immediate Alerts are time sensitive but not critical alerts. Examples of Immediate Alerts would be a change in time of the school play due to weather or the cancelation of softball practice for the day. Immediate Alerts go out in real time when posted by a school or the district. As with Digest Alerts, Immediate Alerts will go out to the app first, then to email if you do not have the app, and then text if you do not have the app or email listed in Genesis.

Emergency Alerts are time sensitive and critical. Unlike Digest and Immediate Alerts, this alert method will send an alert to ALL forms of communication listed in Genesis including email, text, and primary phone. While this would most commonly be used for a snow day, it will also obviously be used in the event of an emergency.
Should you have any questions, please contact the Spotswood IT Department at