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Karen Sanford

Karen Sanford is a confidential secretary and has been working in that capacity since 1979.  After 10 years in the corporate finance world, Karen’s career in education began in 1991 working as a school secretary in a private school. Choosing this position allowed her the flexibility to be at home with her children during their formative years.  

While in the private sector of education, she took the initiative to educate herself in many areas of technology and instituted new efficiencies into her position which enabled Karen to become more effective in serving the 500+ students and staff.

In 2001, as the saying goes, Karen “went public”, taking the position of confidential secretary to the Business Administrator in her local public school district.  While there, her background in finance and technology enabled her to incorporate those skills into her position.  

In 2008 Karen joined the Spotswood Board of Education as the confidential secretary to the Superintendent and has enjoyed serving the community over the years in that capacity.  She especially enjoys the diversity of the position and is truly thrilled to be a part of the Spotswood community engaged in educating all children.

Born and raised in Middlesex County, New Jersey, Karen enjoys spending her spare time with her four children and two dogs.  History is one of Karen’s passions, especially the American Civil War and working on her family ancestry where she can trace her roots to a very, very, very distant cousin, Thomas A. Edison!

Giving back and sharing is a big part of why Karen has chosen this field.  Working over the years in these various capacities along with her dedication and compassion have enabled her to sense and to serve the “needs of the many”.  This directs her focus as a part of the Spotswood team, and as the captain emphasized, “outweighs the needs of the few (or the one)”.